News Society, 07/06/2018

Observers Consider Investigation into Kharkiv Deadly Accident to be Biased

June 5, 2018, a regular case hearing into the shocking Kharkiv tragedy – the road accident of October 18, 2017, having killed 6 – was held in a Kharkiv court.

In addition to the accused participants, several relatives of the victims were present together with journalists and civil activists.

The main developments of the hearing were that narcologist expert Olena Fedirko, who examined Olena Zaitseva right after the accident on Sumska Street and found opiates in her samples, resigned from her job. Now, the defense witness, medical examiner Oleksander Chubenko says that the second toxicology tests, which is necessary, cannot confirm or disprove the presence of opiates in Zaitseva’s blood, as the number of biosamples was insufficient for analysis.

“It seems, that immediately after the accident the blood samples were taken from Zaitseva in such small quantities to make it almost impossible to prove the opiates presence,” says Kharkiv journalist Tetiana Dotsyak. “Had they helped Zaitseva to escape prosecution from the very beginning?”

Moreover, according to the prosecutor, the investigation is currently not considering drug intoxication as an aggravating circumstance for charging Olena Zaitseva of committing the road accident.

Journalists and members of NGO AutomaidanKharkiv, who are following the case, state that the investigators have thoroughly collected all the evidence against Hennadiy Dronov, the second accused, to prove his guilt. However, they refuse or do not regard evidence against Zaitseva. The only testimony, which is taken into consideration, comes from Zaitseva’s friend who was a passenger in her car and who claims that her speed was 70-75 kilometers per hour (permissible in the city) at the moment of collision.

Activists, lawyers and journalists are convinced that the investigation is attempting to extenuate Zaitseva’s guilt because she is a daughter of wealthy parents. They call concerned Kharkivites to come to the next hearing on June 20 to monitor the case’s investigation and proceedings.

Reference: Notably, June 5, patrol police detained Olena Zaitseva’s half-brother, Vasyl Zaitsev, who was driving BMW in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The news stirred Kharkiv mass media and social networks.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: AutoMaidanKharkiv, NewsRoom