News Politics, 02/05/2018

Oddities of Labor Day in Kharkiv

On May 1, a pro-Communist demonstration took place in Kharkiv. About 100 elderly people marched from Maidan Konstytutsii to Blahovishchenska (Ukrainian: Annunciation) square.

They were holding some posters saying “Genocide of Ukraine,” “Glory to the workers” and shouted some anti-government pro-Russian slogans.

The police warned the meeting participants of the criminal responsibility regarding Communist slogans and symbols according to the law of decommunization. The protesters had to remove the red and blue flag of Soviet Ukraine and some badges depicting Lenin. However, some protesters declared that “Lenin gave them electricity and light.”

A commotion took place during the march when a representative of a nationalist organization splattered some kefir on the meeting organizer Pavlo Tishchenko, the leader of the pro-Russian and pro-Communist organization “Trudova Kharkivshchina” (Ukrainian: “Labor Kharkiv region”).

The attacker was detained by the police and explained to them that the meeting was threatening the security of Ukraine. He was released after a while. National Police of the Kharkiv region reports that no other violations of public order were registered during the day.

It is worth mentioning that “Trudova Kharkivshchina” was previously headed by the leader of the Kharkiv communists Alla Aleksandrovska, who is now suspected in separatism and placed under house arrest during investigation.

Anyway, most Kharkivites did not pay attention to the pro-Communist activity. Instead, they went to the countryside to have picnics or took their children to the city parks, where festivities were arranged to celebrate the beginning of warmer sunny days.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: UNN