Business News Science, 21/06/2017

Off the Gas Grid: First Energy Efficient Apartment Block in Kharkiv

The first nine-storied residential building with autonomous electric heating will be completed in Kharkiv by winter 2017.

Currently, the seventh floor of the first power efficient tower block is underway to be reinforced.

The building is located near Haharin avenue in the downtown. It has one entrance and has been designed as monolithic frame construction with more than 3 meters height ceilings. Its external isolation is made from 100 mm thick polystyrene foam. Natural gas is not used in this building that’s why the apartments’ owners would pay nothing for the gas utility.

The building is not completely off-the-grid as it relies on municipal electricity and water supply, as well as sewer. However, being non-gas consuming this project presents a step to reduce dependence on fossil fuels in Kharkiv.

The company manager Kostyantyn Zhyliayev explains that the engineering solutions help to keep heat in winter, therefore saving power. Some financial advantages for the house owners are also available. For instance, special electricity tariffs are offered together with 50% discount price at night.

Meanwhile, the company is regarding alternative sources of power to be introduced in its future projects like installing solar panels on the roof or even windmills. In this way, it will be possible to make the buildings entirely autonomous.

power efficient building1

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Megainvestbud