Culture News Society, 02/05/2017

Open Air Festival in Botanical Garden with World Masterpieces

On April 30, Pearls of Slobozhanshchina: Parkhomivka, World Masterpieces festival took place in Krasnokutsk area of Kharkiv region.

The large scale cultural and ethnographic event was organized by the Kharkiv with You Foundation and attracted up to four thousand Kharkivites with their families and friends.

The events of the festival took place in two scenes. The first was in the village of Parkhomivka, where the whole day a unique historical and art museum was open for free visiting. The museum was established 60 years ago by local teacher Athanasius Luniov who – together with his pupils – collected original works of fine art of internationally recognized artists like Kazimir Malevich and Pablo Picasso. The new exhibition of Japanese artists expanded the exposition.

The second spot was a unique Krasnokutsk Botanic Garden founded in the 18th century, where there are about 300 species of rare plants. A folk festival with workshops, pottery craft fair, Ukrainian cuisine treating, knights fighting, wrestling, folk and jazz concerts, and charity events took place there. During the festival, 40 Japanese cherries were planted in the Botanic Garden.

The most remarkable festival participants were fighters of Georgian National Legion, the armed formation that defends Ukraine within Ukrainian Army in ATO zone. The soldiers have recently returned from the front where they spend more than a year. They cooked delicious Georgian dishes: shashlyk (barbecue), khinkali and pilau, and gained money they gave to charity. Also, Georgian soldiers performed Lezgi dance and sang amazing Georgian song on commemorating their dead brothers in arms.

The festival started Pearls of Slobozhanshchina — the long-term project Pearls of Slobozhanshchina designed to promote tourism attractions in Kharkiv region.


Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo Anton Derbilov, Nakipelo, Nadezhda Ryndina