News Politics Society, 26/10/2017

Outstanding Lives Get Revived in English

English version of the site about Kharkiv Slovo House residents has been launched by the project initiator and facilitator Anastasia Kovalyova.

Kovalyova, a professional programmer, wrote the English content by herself, but she welcomes any proofreading or editorial help. It goes without saying that all the project work is done voluntarily.

“I did it for the people abroad, in Europe, America and other countries, who are interested in the totalitarian and scary history of the Soviet Union. I’m sure most foreigners are aware of it, but those who are studying this period, are striving for this information,” she noted.

The author also hopes, the history written in English, will be informative and interesting for foreign students in Kharkiv. Therefore, she is planning to make a presentation for them in one of the Kharkiv universities.

“For me, this work is like solving a detective story, when I am searching for the details of these writers’ lives. I don’t like this house is portrayed solely as a tragic place, where 40 out of 66 residents were persecuted. As if this place resembled a cemetery. My purpose is to show the people who had been happy here for three years before the terror started. To tell about their relations, friends, to add colors to their lives, not to showing them as black and white only,” Anastasia added.

She makes sure that looking closely into the history of the house allows to find some answers to today’s questions in modern Ukraine and to understand how to act to protect the future.

Anastasia Kovalyova, who has lived in Slovo House for 30 years, recalls that this fall, in October and November, 80 years have passed since the repression towards the house residents took place in 1937. Therefore, the time of launching the site about the house is rather symbolic.

Slovo House


Text, photo: Olena Sokolynska