News Society, 12/11/2017

Kharkiv Activists to Renovate Park

The presentation of the Together Park project took place at the Mechanics Art Plant yesterday. Active residents and members of NGOs got together to develop a plan of Mashynobudivnykiv park’s reconstruction.

Everyone was able to find out what residents think about the renovation and what ideas they have already proposed. Event-goers could also join one of the working teams to contribute to the planning.

About 100 people took part in the discussions. According to the project organizers, the park should be comfortable for residents of all ages. This concept suggests that it should have several leisure areas. People will be able to choose from a street cultures area (parkour, skateboarding, etc), a children playground, a sports court, and a forest for walks. The total area of the park is 78 hectares.

Residents of the district actively supported the initiative of modernizing the park and shared their ideas. People care about their pastime. They need a place to walk and play with a child, a dog park or a lake for fishing, said the organizers.

“The time for imposing views about the appearance of parklands and overall city space has passed. People must decide what city they need to live in and what park they want to visit almost every day,” the project authors admitted.

The organizers plan to finish renovating the park in two or three years. The first stage of the project implementation will begin in 2018.


Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photos: Newsroom