News Politics Society, 04/06/2018

People Globally Require to Save Sentsov and Boycott 2018 World Cup in Russia

Saturday, June 2, Kharkivites joined the Global Action to support film director Oleh Sentsov, who has been illegally detained in a Russian prison after being charged with terrorism.

About 100 people took part in the picket near one of the Kharkiv’s landmarks the Mirror Stream, holding posters “#FreeSentsov,” “Freedom to the Kremlin Hostages,” “Political prisoners – Shame to Russia.” The participants performed a sit-in on Sumska Street, reciting the poetry of famous Ukrainian poets and then proceeded along the main streets to the Russian consulate.

On the same day, the actions to free Oleh Sentsov took place in other Ukrainian cities and in more than 70 cities all over the world.  “#SaveOlegSentsov” actions were held in Germany, Italy, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, France, Belgium, Israel, Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Kuwait and other countries including Russia.

Ukrainians in Lisbon gathered near the Portuguese Football Federation office building, calling for a boycott of the 2018 World Cup in Russia and support the demands of Oleh Sentsov.

The global action participants passed the “manifesto on the rescue of Oleg Sentsov” to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, the Israeli parliamentarians and the members of the European Parliament. They demand to free Sentsov at the G-7 summit, which will be held in Canada on June 8-9.

Reference: Since May 14, Oleh Sentsov went on an indefinite hunger strike officially to draw attention to the problem of Ukrainians, who are illegally detained in Russia’s prisons on faked up charges. In statements for his lawyer and officials, who have recently spoken to him, Sentsov claims he is determined to “keep fighting till the end” or until his demands are satisfied.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Nakipelo, Pavlo Sadokha