News, 06/03/2018

Pilot Firewomen Unit Trained in Kharkiv

An experimental female firefighting rescue unit has been created in the Kharkiv National University of Civil Protection.

The decision to train a group of volunteers as firefighters-rescuers was made a month ago, the fourth year cadets who study chemistry, agreed to take part in the pilot project.

The training is mainly focused on physical strength and stamina, explains Dmytro Polkovnichenko, Head of the Fire and Rescue Unit of the University. He notes that the project’s main purpose had been to check whether the girls were able to meet the qualifying standards performed by male rescuers. Actually, the girls’ results have been pretty good.

One of the pilot project participants, cadet Anastasia Anatska is sure that women are psychologically even more vigorous than men. According to her, rescuing in pair with men might be the most effective.

As a crew member, the girl performs such tasks as connecting the fire hose to the water reservoir and assisting the driver of the fire engine. She is doing perfectly, the officers state. However there is a secret of such a success – Anastasia has been a powerlifter for the third year, she can lift the 24-kilogram weight over 100 times.

Although women are still not allowed to work as firefighters-rescuers in Ukraine, such an opportunity may appear shortly. December 21, 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers canceled the decree of the Ministry of Health with a list of 450 professions prohibited for women, including the one of a rescuer.

Text: Olena Sokolynska