Culture News, 29/05/2020

Plan B Festival Presented in New Format

On May 23, the festival organizers started a number of “Under Quarantine: Plan B” events in the online format.

Diverse activities are planned to be held for five weeks, including Plan B Day part – lectures, discussions and workshops, and Plan B Night – live concerts and parties featuring musicians from all over Ukraine. Online Idea Boot Camp will offer 420 sessions from 28 Ukrainian and foreign mentors,  and 86 selected teams will prime their social action projects and innovative ideas.

Relevant topics will be covered and everyone will find answers. These events will also tell about musicians starting new trends.

On the first day, a series of interviews about the music industry under quarantine with representatives of independent music bands started at 6 p.m. It was followed by an online party featuring six pairs of back to back DJs playing their sets for six hours.

On May 30, another online party will be held in collaboration with the festival partners Shum.Rave who organize parties in Sloviansk, Donetsk region. The event aims to support the cultural nightlife of Donbas and learn more about it. The festival will broadcast on its Facebook page and Instagram.

“Plan B is a platform for discussing developments, so we choose the hottest topics, effective innovation cases and solutions to social problems, the latest stories from creative entrepreneurs and new music from various Ukraine’s regions for the online program,” notes the festival director Alina Khanbabaieva.

“Our goal is not only to facilitate energy exchange between cities and towns but to highlight valuable subcultures of different communities, to make local communities more visible. This project provides financial support for musicians, performers, artists, independent initiatives, and culture in general which is very important during a quarantine crisis,” the director added.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Plan B Facebook page