News, 21/08/2018

Police Identifies Kharkiv Shooter after Finding his Wife’s Dead Body

Police identified the man who had started shooting near the Kharkiv City Council on August 20. “It was 47-year-old Oleksandr Poyarkov, who was confirmed by his family members,” announced Oleh Bekh, the Head of the National Police Department in the Kharkiv region.

Before the armed assailant went to the city council, he had first murdered his wife. Her body was found by relatives the next evening in her own house, located in the Lysa Hora area (Ukrainian: Bold Mountain) in about five kilometers from the city center. At least five gunshot wounds were counted on a body of a 42-year-old woman. According to the experts’ conclusions, the death occurred on August 19 at about 10 p.m.

During a search in his house, law enforcers found 230 cartridges, a telescopic rifle, a machine gun, four pistols and a machine for making ammunition and guns. The cartridge-cases at the scene matched those found at the city council building.

While investigating, it was found out that Oleksandr Poyarkov worked as a motor mechanic, but at the end of May 2018, he resigned because he was not paid his salary. As a result, the man started drinking alcohol and became severely depressed. According to witnesses, the couple often argued, and his wife intended to file for divorce.

Bekh noted at the briefing that the shooter was a serviceman with no previous record of conviction. Police are now checking if he served in hot spots and whether he was a sniper.

Moreover, law enforcers will check the actions of the deceased policeman and the city council’s guards. Bekh states the city hall has been guarded by employees of the Lehion private security company who were unarmed.

Criminal proceedings were opened into the facts of the murders on August 19 and 20.

Text: Kateryna Tereshchenko

Photo: National Police Department of the Kharkiv region,