News Society, 21/11/2017

Policeman Recovers with Support from Kharkivites

Kharkivites are watching in amazement the first steps of a wounded policeman Vasyl Markovich who is getting better slowly these days after many months of disability.

The doctors say that the man’s recovery is close to a real miracle, while in the spring rare specialists believed Markovich would come back to life; the most forecasts were pessimistic.

Today they say the policeman has got healed by his family’s faith, his fellow-patrolmen support and huge help from many ordinary people.

Vasyl Markovich was attacked in December 2016, got severe injuries and was in a coma for 40 days in a Kharkiv hospital. In May, he was sent to Switzerland for rehabilitation with the financial help from ordinary people, some sponsors, and officials. The man came home in August feeling better, being able to speak and starting working out.

The two criminals who had maimed the patrolman were arrested in May and are now under investigation.

Now Vasyl Markovich can speak and smile. He is already moving his hands and making first attempts to walk. He says he is going to become healthy again and get back to his work as a policeman. He has recently opened his FB page.

Liana Teremkova, a police officer who is helping Vasyl and his mother Vita Markovich, says she can’t list all the people who contributed to the policeman’s miraculous recovery and daily progress.

At the end of November, Vasyl is going for three-week rehabilitation to Poland. He will continue receiving treatment in Kharkiv later.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Liana Teremkova