News Politics, 11/01/2018

Pressure on Anti-Corruption Agencies Endangers Ukraine’s International Cooperation

Kharkiv lawyer Oleksiy Kharytonov, who is one of the top five specialists in the Legal Awards 2017, sees a threat of international isolation of Ukraine, caused by the pressure on the anti-corruption agencies.

The lawyer made an official statement, warning against the risks for international cooperation, highlighting the bill on reducing the independence of National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

“Ukraine has signed some international treaties like the visa liberalization action plan, the state building contract and the agreement on macro-financial assistance. In case the country does not comply with its obligations, the contractors have the right to reduce or even completely cut off financial support, given for the relevant reforms,” Kharytonov argues.

The lawyer states that sustainable relations with the investors and overseas companies make up an important condition for the functioning of the Ukrainian economy. However, according to Judith Gough, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Ukraine, some Western companies presented on the Ukrainian market – like British Land Rover, JCB or Mark&Spencer – suffer from corruption, enormous regulation and high tax rates, which impede their development.

To sum up, Kharytonov notes that Ukraine might become internationally isolated and suffer huge economic losses because of slowing of reforms in the field of economic activity deregulation and poor success in the fight against corruption.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Pravo.UA