News Politics, 07/05/2018

Pro-Russian Assailants Arrested in Kharkiv

On Sunday, May 6, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) arrested in Kharkiv a group of young people suspected of having beaten the ATO veteran, cyborg Dmytro Ivashchenko callsign “Verbych” in Kyiv.

The attack took place on May 2 in Podol district of Kyiv. Several people assaulted a defender of the Donetsk airport Dmytro Verbych. Three young men and two women hit the military veteran with a knife, used tear gas spray and stroked him with a hammer. Dmytro got into the hospital with a stab wound in his back, luckily the wounds appeared not to be dangerous. Kyiv police opened criminal proceedings after the attack.

“I guess they are either kind of pro-Russian minded youth or belong to left organizations. I was wearing camouflage trousers, so it was clear that I am a military man,” Verbych commented.

Later SBU arrested seven people, most of them were Kharkivites. One of the detainees, Vyacheslav Lukichev, had a Russian passport. Also, the investigators ascertained that the assault was organized by a Russian citizen who left for Poland on May 4.

One of the detainees told they saw a young man wearing T-shirt with national symbols, and the group identified him as a “banderovets” and decided they “needed to punish him.”


Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Obozrevatel