News Politics, 13/06/2017

Protest near Russian Consulate in Kharkiv

East Corps Activists (Skhidny Korpus) social movement held their meeting on the occasion of Russia Day, which the aggressor country celebrates on June 12.

The picket started at 11:30 a.m., but long before that the soldiers of the National Guard and the police encircled diplomatic mission. Around noon another bus with security officers arrived. As a result, about 100 people in uniform gathered near the building, however, three times fewer activists were present.

Young people demonstrated a performance in front of the consulate entrance. First, the activists put a map of Ukraine carved from foam on the ground and then poured the red paint over the Crimea and Donbas. After that, protesters attached photos of Russian Mercenaries onto the information shield as Russia has denied and shrugged off their active participation in the conflict.

“Three years ago, the Russian official holiday was celebrated in the Crimea, now we have more than 20,000 armed people, military equipment, and helicopters there. Today we are here to show all the pro-Russian forces and separatists that Kharkiv has always been and will remain Ukrainian,” Anton Tsebro, representative of the East Corps, noted.

Note that on June 12 Russian consulate in Kharkiv didn’t work and announced this on its website.


Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova

Resources: Newsroom

Photo: Sergey Harok FB