Culture News, 19/02/2019

Reconstructed Philharmonic Welcomes Music Lovers

Last week, reconstruction of Philharmonic’s great and chamber halls, as well as its foyer, which has been lasting for about 13 years, was completed.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Kharkiv officials and guests from other regions took part in the opening ceremony. “The reconstruction of the entire Philharmonic complex cost about 500 million UAH (approximately $18 million), including 174 million UAH (approximately $6.2 million) which was spent in 2018, and 49 million (approximately $1.75 million) was invested in 2019,” the president informs.

According to Yuri Yanko, the director and chief conductor of the Philharmonic, acoustics of the reconstructed hall is on par with the best European halls. The entire hall’s geometry room contributes to the projection of sound. And the highlight of the hall is a special acoustical shell on the stage.

The original Philharmonic building was completed in the 19th century. The main goal of the reconstruction was to give the building the same look as it was 200 years ago with oak parquet, wooden chairs, restoring stucco and gilding, which was plated on decor elements. A special three-level orchestra pit was also mounted.

During the opening ceremony, the musicians performed an overture to “Taras Bulba” opera by M. Lysenko.

The Regional Philharmonic complex includes organ, great and chamber halls and accommodates about 1,500 people. The newly opened great hall contains 777 seats.

The first concert in the great hall was given on February 19.

Text: Natalia Ivanova