News Society, 30/05/2021

Record-Breaking Bike Day Gathers Kharkivites

On May 23, the 15th Bike Day took place in Kharkiv. This year, more than 13,000 people participated in it.

In the morning, one of the largest flash mobs, since the event was first held, was organized on Maidan Svobody (Freedom Square). Participants lined up creating the coat of arms of Kharkiv and the Olympic circles. They also set the record of Ukraine – “The largest contour of Ukraine, painted on the asphalt,” which was recorded on the spot. Cyclists filled in the outline inside the picture measuring approximately 98 by 73 meters. The author of the flash mob idea Tetiana Romanyuk received a bicycle as a prize.

From Maidan Svobody, the cyclists rode along Nauky Avenue and Derevyanko Street, and then in the opposite direction. The entire route totals 9 kilometers.

At the end of the Bike Day, prize draws were organized on Maidan Svobody. A contest for the brightest face mask/shield was held.

Reference. The Bike Day is a large-scale social and sports project that has been taking place in Kharkiv since 2006. It aims to popularize a healthy lifestyle and to promote safety and mutual respect for all road users.

Text: Natalia Ivanova