Business News Science Society, 10/12/2017

Robot Codeveloped by Kharkivites Enters Top-25 Inventions List

Jibo robot created in cooperation with Ukrainian IT specialists entered the list of Top-25 inventions by Time. The editors put Jibo on the cover of the magazine’s last November issue.

Jibo is the first social robot for home use. The team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology built it in 2013. Since then, the robot is being developed by Jibo, Inc. company from Boston.

In 2015, American specialists offered cooperation to Waverley Ukraine which representative office had been opened three years before that.

In addition to developers from Lviv and Kharkiv, specialists from Kyiv and Odesa worked on the back end and mobile development for Jibo. For two years Ukrainian programmers have been collaborating with their overseas colleagues. The American specialists developed Jibo’s artificial intelligence, design, worked on its ability to move, while Ukrainians developed a so-called robot’s inner world.

“Jibo’s artificial intelligence was developed in Boston, but its server side that we created ensures the robot’s identity. We can say that we gave Jibo its soul,” director of the software company Waverley Ukraine Kharkivite Yevhen Bohatyrov noted.

“Unlike other robots, it can show its emotions, communicate in the way peculiar to people. Jibo can move, turn its head and look at a person when he or she enters the room. Even its appearance resembles a human body. The robot is emotional, and that’s what other home robots lack. We can call it the first social robot,” he adds.

“The robot can make one’s mood better, compliment its owner, sing a serenade, tell a joke and even purr,” says one of the robot’s developers.

Jibo has already been brought to the USA market at a cost of $899.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Jibo