News Science Society, 07/07/2017

Safe Beaches for Recreation

Kharkiv regional laboratory center checked 54 rivers and ponds in Kharkiv city and the region and reported on the water analysis results.

According to the report, Kharkivites and the city visitors can swim safely in the main city water reservoirs in Oleksiyivsky luhopark, Zhuravlivsky hydropark, Oktyabrsky hydropark, Lake Osnova, the Petrinkovsky reservoir where the water analysis conform to the approved rate.

Currently the Bezliudivka reservoir is also reported to be clean, however, at the end of May, hepatitis A virus was found in the water.

Some doctors consider the number of beaches in Kharkiv region to be “potentially harmful” and do not recommend swimming in some parts of the Siversky Donets River near Balakliya, Chuhuiv, Eskhar, and Martova.

The information about the water condition is to be regularly updated by the laboratory center experts.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: nevsedoma