News Society, 28/01/2018

Say No to Animals in Circus

The action “Circus without animals” took place in Kharkiv yesterday.

Sixteen activists gathered near the building of Kharkiv State Circus. People were holding posters with such statements as “Circus is not a prison,” “Circus without animals” and “Say no to the use of animals for entertainment!”

Defenders of animal rights expected the circus managers to cancel every show with trained dogs, cats, ponies and monkeys.

The activists also urged city residents to refrain from visiting the circus. They noted that during the training, animals are punished cruelly.

It’s not the first protest action that Kharkiv animal defenders organize. Earlier they picketed the mayor’s office building demanding its representatives to prohibit the euthanization of animals and replace it with the sterilization. The activists claimed that for the last four years, more than 60,000 cats and dogs had been killed in the Center for Animals Treatment. Animal defenders protested against the new program and the head of the Housing and Utilities Department Roman Nekhoroshkov, who, in their opinion, is “laundering money from the budget.”

Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photo: UAnimals