News Science, 08/11/2017

Scientists Come to Kharkiv from around the World

Today the II International USERN – Universal Scientific Education and Research Network – Congress 2017 has started in Kharkiv Palace. The Congress will last till November 10.

The event is dedicated to the World Science Day celebrated worldwide since November 10, 2002, under UNESCO auspices; it starts the week of science in Kharkiv. Among the key speakers and guests, there are scientists from the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, the UK and Slovenia who do research in physics, biology, medicine and other sciences.

According to the head of the Regional Council of Young Scientists Natalya Kuphterina, the main purpose of the Congress is to give young scientists an opportunity to communicate with the leading world academicians.

The Congress sessions will take place in four Kharkiv universities – Karazin National University, Polytechnic, Medical and Pharmaceutical Universities. The lectures and discussions with prominent scientists are to be held in specially arranged scientific sites.

The key Congress event is the third round of USERN junior talks. Five winners are to get the USERN Junior Cup out of hundreds of young scientists who had submitted their study papers for the competition; each will receive a prize of $5,000. Also, top ten scientists will receive travel grants to the best world universities.

Today the Congress hosts the additional event, the International Festival of children’s pictures, made by the patients of various clinics in Romania, Lithuania, Italy, Iran, India and Qatar.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Kharkiv Regional State Administration