News Politics, 03/11/2017

Seminar on Combating Corruption by NATO Officials

A seminar on reducing corruption risks in security sectors has taken place at the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine this week.

According to the Academy’s press service, about 200 representatives of the National Guard of Ukraine, the Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Armed Forces attended the seminar.

“NATO has more than 60 years of experience in cooperation with the defense and security sector. It makes the Organization a unique platform for identifying various corruption risks as a key priority in the security function. The program focuses on supporting the defense institutions as well as the staff working in civil and military fields. Added to this, its assistance aims to ensure human and financial resources management and reduce the risk of corruption,” noted Building Integrity program manager Christopher Staudt.

NATO’s Building Integrity program has been operating in Ukraine since 2007. It’s already been the third such seminar at the Academy.

This time, the organization representatives gave three key lecturers. Among issues raised were international anti-corruption legislation, transparency in personnel management as well as the importance of personal integrity, honor, and code of conduct.


“In May, head of the NATO Representation to Ukraine Aleksander Vinnikov visited the Academy. He noted that the institution was the main platform of the Ukrainian eastern region for the implementation of NATO’s programs in our country,” Officer-in-Charge of Academy’s head, Colonel Serhiy Martynenko said.

Currently, the Academy takes part in two NATO’s programs – Building Integrity and Professional Development programs of Ukraine-NATO, the NATO liaison office in Ukraine. About 2,000 security forces servicemen took part in international events through the programs.

Text: Natalia Ivanova