News Society, 23/11/2019

Sixth Maidan Anniversary: Dignity and Freedom Day in Kharkiv

On October 21, a meeting commemorating the 6th anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity took place on Maidan Svobody (English: Freedom Square) near the “All for the Victory” tent.

According to the Kharkiv police, about 150 people joined the event. Public activists, relatives of Heavenly Hundred’s compatriots, who were killed in Kyiv during the revolution, and veterans of the war in the east took part in the action. Also, Victor Marynchak, the priest of the Kharkiv Euromaidan, attended the meeting.

This year’s commemoration which is called “We Have Dignity” was simultaneously held all over Ukraine and combined with Resistance to Surrender Headquarters action in Kharkiv.

The event started with a moment of silence in memory of the commander of the 128th separate mountain-assault brigade, colonel Yevhen Korostelyov, who died in the Military and Medical Clinical Center of the Northern Region in Kharkiv after a serious wound just a few days before.

“He died in our Kharkiv military hospital. We [Kh.O.: volunteers] knew him since 2015. He was a good person, a real warrior, a real colonel,” said Kharkiv Euromaidan participant, volunteer, Yaryna Chahovets.

The event was conducted in an open mic format. Yaryna recalled that the revolutionary events in Kharkiv started on November 19, a few days earlier than Kyiv. And the revolution finished later than in other Ukrainian cities as our region had to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine at the beginning of the military aggression of the Russian Federation.

Priest Victor Marynchak appealed to all present and highlighted that our citizens have to support and spread Ukrainian glory. “It should truly inspire us to let us feel that spirit which maintained us six years ago during the heroic and tragic Maidan events,” he said.

“On the sixth anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity, we came up with ‘The Revolution is Going On’ slogan. We looked back, but also discussed the present. During all these years, people have been waiting for the results of the Maidan cases’ investigation but they are still waiting. It is very important that people have come to the meeting because they are still ready to continue the fight. Ukrainian patriots emphasized that everything is just beginning and we’ll face new challenges, “said one of the Kharkiv Euromaidan coordinators Vlolodymyr Chystylin.

On the same day, Kharkiv residents laid flowers on memorable plaques to honor Kharkiv heroes of the Heavenly Hundred: an alumnus of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics Yevhen Kotlyar and a graduate of Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport Vladislav Zubenko. Another Kharkivite, carpenter Yurii Parashchuk, was also sadly killed during the revolution in Kyiv.

One of the university’s teachers who personally knew Vladislav gave a lecture to the students about the hero.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Natali Kurganova, Vlolodymyr Chystylin,,