News Society, 15/07/2020

‘Sky for Everyone’ Inspirits Ukrainian Veterans in Kharkiv Region

Last week, “Sky for Everyone,” the socio-psychological rehabilitation event for Ukrainian defenders, took place at the Korotych airfield near Kharkiv.

The happening aims at the psychological rehabilitation of Russian-Ukrainian war servicemen, volunteers and disabled combatants. Participants took part in formation flying on AN-2 aircraft and skydiving in tandem.

Overall, 45 people attended the occurrence. In order to see the land from a bird’s eye view, they had to pass a medical examination.

According to Natalia Lysenko, the director of the Center for Psychosomatic Rehabilitation for combatants and their family members, war completely changed the personality of all defenders of Ukraine. They are difficult to understand for family members, relatives and society, that’s why they have more psychological issues when they try to integrate into civilian life. Such people often need not only professional medical care but also positive emotions.

Therefore, together with the Ukrainian Association of Combatants and ATO Volunteers in the Kharkiv Region, the center’s representatives chose 45 people from among those who undergo rehabilitation at the center to adapt to airfield life conditions.

Yaryna Chahovets, the event’s organizer, informs that the event was performed thanks to funding from the Department for Social Protection of the Kharkiv Regional State administration.

Text: Natalia Ivanova