Culture News, 17/05/2018

SlobodaCult Presents Kharkiv to Zakarpattia

Kharkiv artists, poets and musicians were the first guests of the two-week cultural forum SlobodaCult, which was opened in Uzhgorod on May 15.

Famous Kharkiv poet Serhiy Zhadan and musician Misko Barbara were among 150 artists and researchers from Sloboda Ukraine – mostly from Kharkiv region. Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk visited the opening of the forum. He highlighted that Kharkiv and Zakarpattia have a lot in common in the cultural sphere, particularly when it concerns the protection of architectural monuments and unique natural beauty.

The forum started with three exhibitions. The first one is “Family Album,” presenting photos of ordinary families that had lived during the last 100 years in Zakarpattia and Sloboda Ukraine. These photographs had been collected by the young members of the regional youth libraries.

More than 150 works of painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, photography and video art, created in the Kharkiv and Sumy regions, are exposed at the second major exhibition. Here you can see the works of Kharkiv outstanding artists Vasyl Yermilov and Boris Kosarev, the world famous Bob Mikhailov and Serhiy Bratkov, representatives of the Kharkiv school of photography, graphic artists Vitaliy Kulikov and Pavlo Makov, the painter Yevhen Svitlychny.

“The display might become a key to understand how Kharkiv could resist Russian ideological aggression in 2014, despite being considered as a Russian-speaking area,” says one of the exhibition’s curators Oksana Barshinova. “Through these artworks, we can see Kharkiv as ‘profoundly Ukrainian,’ in the modern sense, opened to innovation, readily entering the European context. The images do not provide all the answers but overthrow a lot of stereotypes.”

The third “Chernobyl 30 + Fukushima 5” exhibition features posters of the “4th Block” International Triennial of eco-posters, which has been held in Kharkiv for almost 30 years.

The organizers point out that the main purpose of the cultural event is to introduce the Ukrainian regions to one another, to unite the country with “a lace of personal relations” and to promote interaction between institutions, projects and people.

The forum includes the diverse programme of concerts, discussions and performances scheduled for the two following weeks.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Bagels&Letters