Culture News Society, 06/11/2017

Slovo House Earns Hearts Internationally

About 20 freshers from Nigeria, Egypt, Kongo, Georgia and other countries, who are studying at Kharkiv National Economic University, were fascinated with the fate of Kharkiv Budynok Slovo, narrated today.

It was Anastasia Kovalyova, the author of the impressing research about famous House of Writers, who got the idea to present its glorious and tragic history to the foreign visitors of the city. She developed the English version of her website and decided to present it to some young visitors – primarily to international students, who arrive in Kharkiv to study but know nearly nothing about the city history.


The administration of Kharkiv National Economic University accepted the researcher’s suggestion, and she met with international students in the conference hall of the University library on November 6.

The stories about brilliant and witty poets, writers and other blissful inhabitants, their families and fates stirred the vivid interest of the international students. They tried to understand why the art figures were striving to settle in the House which finally became a deadly trap for them. Also, they asked questions concerning the processes taking place in Soviet Ukraine in the 1930s.

foreign students1

“Who were those people, who arrested and killed the Ukrainian writers in Kharkiv? Were they pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian people or terrorists?” asked the students. The explanations about Communist dictatorship and totalitarian threats appeared to be understood internationally. Also, the date of the presentation added symbolical meaning as it was the eve of the tragic anniversary of 100 years since the most bloody Russia’s revolution took place on November 7, 1917.

“This was my first presentation in English and I can say it is the most successful and warmest presentation of those I have ever delivered,” said Anastasia Kovalyova. She pointed out that some of the students “appeared to be really inquisitive and to have known a great deal about the matter.”


Text, photo: Olena Sokolynska