Culture News Society, 30/08/2017

Software and Computer Museum Opens in Kharkiv

The first Ukrainian Software and Computer Museum opened in Kharkiv yesterday.

More than 100 exhibits related to different periods of information technology development reflect the evolution of computers and software.

The most significant software, programming languages, media carriers, computer games complement the museum’s exposition.

At the heart of the collection are various computers from the 1930s to the present day, including portable equipment and numerous gaming consoles. One of them, Vectrex, is the only console in its technical solution.

The museum’s collection also features Apple II, one of the first mass-produced computers in 1977, Silicon Graphics’ IRIS Indigo workstation that was used in “Terminator 2” and “Jurassic Park” production and Osborne 1. With a size of a suitcase, this computer was the first portable computer that has become commercially successful.

The entrance is free, as well as computer classes for people aged 40 and over. Those who want to study should fill the application form on the site.

The first 20 graduates of the two-month course who were at the opening thanked teachers for their attitude.


The founders of the museum — three Kharkivites Anton Trubnykov, Olexander Kovalenko and Sergiy Tsymbal — consider the museum’s mission to inspire the development process.

“Pay attention to the museum’s name!” said Anton Trubnykov. “We want to emphasize the fact that software has always been moving technology forward. Hard and soft are the two elements of one. The software is primary as human thought. The material component goes on later.”

One of the glass cubes in the exposition is empty. An inscription in it inspires: “Here could be your achievement!”

The museum is located on the second floor of Kapitalist business center. It is open daily from 11 a.m to 6 p.m except for weekends.


Report and photos: Victoria Sklyarova