Business News Science Society, 19/07/2017

Solar Energy Activists Count Their Profits

Still more people in Kharkiv start installing solar arrays and get compensated by the feed-in tariff.

According to Oles Shtefchuk, IT specialist and environmental activist, at the beginning of 2017, 1,300 people all over Ukraine got contracted for the feed-in tariff, 47 of them being Kharkivites.

Back in October 2016 when Oles Shtefchuk himself signed the contract as a renewable energy provider, he was one of only 17 such entrepreneurs in Kharkiv and for four months their number tripled. “This is a positive dynamic, though the figures might not look very impressive,” Oles says.

Solar arrays help saving money as the owners do not pay for public utilities like electricity and heating. Moreover, the solar power stations have started bringing income as feed-in tariff pays 19 euro cents per kilowatt of generated solar electricity.

Thus for the half a year, since Shtefchuk signed for the feed-in tariff, not only has he got free heat and electricity but also he earned about $240.

It is important to mention that profit depends on the amount of consumed energy which should not be exorbitant and exceed the production, the activists explain. Therefore reducing energy consumption is a “side effect” of producing renewable energy.

Although the price of purchase of solar arrays can be covered only in 9-10 years, using them corresponds with environmentalists’ life style and vision.

“This is my investment in future, with prospects for many years ahead. And it conforms to my key views and values. It benefits and helps my country and environment and I consume less energy.”

Some of the activists present calculations, performance indicators and financial estimates of their solar investment to the public. Oles Shtefchuk is promoting his “solar” way of life among his colleagues and friends and reports about his results on FB.

Another environmental activist Serhiy Popov, who mounted solar arrays on his house roof several months earlier than Shtefchuk, is writing an expert blog sharing his experience and giving detailed instructions on installation and maintenance of the equipment and choice of its producers.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Serhiy Popov