Culture News Politics, 05/12/2017

Soviet Tomb in Kharkiv Turns out to be Fake

Today, century-old tomb of the communist figure Mykola Rudnev was opened, as his body had to be reburied. However, the grave in the center of Kharkiv appeared to be empty. There was nothing under the gravestone but brick rubble, the officials say.

The decision to rebury Rudnev’s body was made by the City Commission on Toponymy and Historical and Cultural Environment Protection on November 30, 2017. The tomb was situated at the Maidan Heroiv Nebesnoi Sotni (Heavenly Hundred Heroes) which was Rudnev Square before.

It was believed that Rudnev, who violently imposed Soviet power in Ukraine and was killed in 1919, was buried in Kharkiv. A bronze monument to Rudnev was placed at his burial site in front of the building of the Appeal Court of the Kharkiv region in 1959.

However, after the Revolution of Dignity, the monument was thrown down in April 2015. In November 2015 the square was renamed.

monument down

Now the city authorities were planning to transfer the dead body from the square to one of the city cemeteries, but the tomb of the communist leader turned out to be fake.

It is worth mentioning that in September 2014, Kharkivites were amazed by the fact that a huge statue of Lenin on Maidan Svobody appeared to be empty inside – there were rumors that monument was so heavy that it would break a hole in the ground after the fall and ruin the metro tunnels. The Rudnev’s tomb became another shattered Soviet myth.

Now an official act is to be delivered to the Ministry of Culture to change the status of the burial which had been considered a historical site.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: sq, City Council