News Science, 03/04/2018

Spanish Scientist Promotes STEM Education in Kharkiv

Last week, Jose Benito Vasquez Dorrio, Vice-President of the Hands-on Science Network, an expert in the field of applied optics from University of Vigo, Spain, delivered master classes for children and trainers at the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute.”

In particular, Benito Dorrio performed a practical class for children comprising “Hands-on Physics Experiments” and a workshop “Scientix, the community for science in Europe” for teachers, education researchers, policymakers, students and other education professionals in the areas of science.

The Spanish science educator also met with the rector of polytechnic university Yevhen Sokol to discuss science popularization and encouragement of science, technology, engineering and mathematical education in Ukraine. They agreed to look for opportunities to join efforts in promoting STEM education and the development of contacts between the scientific communities in both Spain and Ukraine.

Benito Dorrio assumes that the disadvantage of the modern school education system is that students do not want to pursue a science or engineering professions. This problem exists in many European countries. According to him, in Spain, this issue is resolved through ministerial programs for retraining teachers. That is why it is necessary to find ways of explaining and teaching science in a new accessible form, to combine theoretical science and its practical application.

Source, photos: NTU “KhPI”