News Society, 02/03/2018

Spring Comes to Kharkiv in Blizzards and Snowdrifts

The violent snowstorm raged in Kharkiv since February 28. On the first day of spring, all the Kharkiv region was covered with thick snow and fierce blizzard continued.

In the morning of March 1, it was hard for many Kharkivites to get to work and to the universities due to the heavy snowstorm and gusty wind, the cars and public transport got stuck in huge snowdrifts, some ingenious drivers got to work on snowmobiles. Some pedestrians, who could not see open hatches in snowdrifts, fell into them – fortunately without being injured.

Dozens of trucks had stood still on the road between Pisochyn and Kharkiv until around noon when the route was cleared. Some public buses were not able to go out to the routs as they got stuck in parking lots. About 20 regional towns were left without electricity.

During the day the rescuers got over 35 vehicles and three ambulances out of snow. They also helped the drivers who got into the snowdrifts. Three hundred and twelve specialized snow removal vehicles were clearing the snow from the roads around the clock. In addition, 100 agricultural machines were also used for this purpose.

Luckily no grave road accidents or emergencies occurred because of the snow. However, there were some curious incidents, like the one when several dozen passengers had to push out a trolleybus which got stuck in the snowdrifts near the Akademika Barabashova metro station. The event caused a wave of banters in the social networks. In much the same way passengers tried to move a tram, which was stuck on the carriageway near the Heroiv Pratsi metro station.

Kharkivites also shared their art photos of unusual Kharkiv views with houses and statues covered with snow.

The airport and the railway station have been operating in regular mode. The emergency officers and rescuers addressed to the drivers to be extra careful and to observe the traffic and safety rules.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Olena Sokolynska, objectiv,, FB