News, 11/12/2017

Strategic Highway Gets Lasting Surface

Kharkiv-Sloviansk road going to ATO zone has been repaired within road experiment.

The repairing works of 50 km of Kyiv – Kharkiv – Dovzhansky highway were completed last week. This is the road section along which tanks, armored and other military hardware have been going to Donbas since 2014.

Previously the road surface condition was rather poor. However, it got completely destroyed by 2015 after intensive usage for defense purposes. Some sections, especially from Izium to Sloviansk, had become almost impassable. According to motorists, driving this direction daily, it took about four to five hours to travel from Kharkiv to Sloviansk, but now it takes about two hours.

Also, the engineers promise the new surface conform to high standards, therefore it is assumed to last 10 to 12 years.


It is worth noting that much of the funding for this work came from the road experiment, offered by the government. Since September 1, 2015, up to 50 percent of the extra revenues collected by the customs clearance of goods go for the reconstruction and maintenance of highways of state significance. Due to the road experiment in January-April 2017, customs provided more than  4 billion UAH for the roads reconstruction. The project is expected to be continued in 2018.

Text: Olena Sokolynka

Photo: Kharkiv Regional State Administration