Culture News Science Society, 07/04/2017

Street Library and Discussion about Europe within Fifth Kharkiv

Yesterday, April 6, the Fifth Kharkiv cultural initiative by poet Serhiy Zhadan organized a number of art and philosophic events in Kharkiv with a famous Ukrainian writer Yurii Andrukhovych.

In the afternoon two writers, who are live classics of modern Ukrainian literature, presented a new season of open air book-readings launched by Kharkiv literary museum and called the street library “Knyzhkova Kliumba” (Books Flowerbed). At the opening Yurii Andrukhovych and Serhiy Zhadan delivered their top 5 favorite books.

Yurii Andrukhovych noted that Kharkiv Litmuseum has been a special place for him as it was here that Serhiy Zhadan invited him in 1994 when Andrukhovych first visited Kharkiv.

Among his favorite books Andrukhovych listed “The Anthology of Ukrainian Poetry of the 20th Century”, a book by Rostyslav Semkiv “How the Classics Wrote” with tips for writers-beginners, a collection of short stories by Andriy Bondar and Oleksander Boychenko and “American Prayer” by Jim Morisson, the poetry of the rock’n’roll idol.

Serhiy Zhadan recommends the books by Mykola Vinranovsky, the great writer of the sixties, by Mykhail’ Semenko, Volodymyr Svidzinsky, Bohdan Ihor Antonych and Hrytsko Chubay.

“The poetry gives us the opportunity to read and re-read it. It keeps being burning unlike novels”, said Zhadan at the presentation.

Yuriy Andrukhovich gave the street library his new book “Recreations” with his autograph.

Tetiana Pylypchuk, head of department at the Kharkiv Literary Museum, is inviting Kharkivites and city visitors to come to the street library daily from 10:00 to 18:00 to read books combining it with having coffee and communicating.

Currently, the street library offers about 30 – 40 books on its shelves. The books stands are planned to be updated every month. About a hundred books have already been collected for this season by writers, publishers, and books lovers.

Later yesterday evening the writers carried out public discussion about Europe, Ukraine, and Kharkiv in Karazin National University. The large lecture hall was full with people, mostly students, who were standing in aisles as no vacant seats left.


Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Cyrill Lukash, Nakipelo