News Politics Science, 16/11/2017

Students to Get Kharkiv Hero’s Scholarship

On November 15, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine established the academic scholarship in honor of Kharkivite Vladislav Zubenko and nine other Heavenly Hundred Heroes.

Scholarships for students and cadets will be nominated annually and paid monthly during the academic year. The students are to receive from 1900 to 2480 UAH (from $72 to $94), and cadets will get 1544 UAH ($58). Only one candidate in every specialty will be selected in each university taking into account his or her academic progress and civic activity.

Currently, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is creating an evaluation commission to award the scholarships. Family members of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes will be on the jury.

In total, the Government of Ukraine is planning to pay 50 scholarships in ten specialties.

Particularly, the scholarship named after Vladislav Zubenko will be given in railway transport specialty, which is a fitting tribute to his life and profession.

22-year-old Kharkivite graduated with honors from the Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport in 2013 and he subsequently worked as a controller at Levada railway station in Kharkiv for the last five months of his life.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Ukrainska Pravda