Culture News Society, 25/06/2018

Stunning Music Celebration Takes over Kharkiv

June 23, a bright mixture of folk and jazz, hip-hop, punk rock, gospel and classical music burst onto the streets of Kharkiv, which joined the World Music Day for the fifth time since 2014.

Although the world-famous celebration, also called Fête de la Musique, is performed on June 21 in 450 cities in 116 countries, Kharkiv festival organizers moved their particular event two days later to hold it on Saturday in order to attract more people.

Not only musicians but also actors, dancers, lecturers, artists and performers entertained the inhabitants and visitors of Kharkiv. All concerts and performances were free.

The festival occupied three dozen venues throughout the city. Music bands played near the various metro stations – Pushkinska, Universitet, Istorychnyi Muzey – and in parks and squares – on Poezii Square and Maidan Konstytutsii, in Strelka Park, behind Derzhprom building – as well as in shopping centers, clubs and museums.

Music Day in Kharkiv remains a large-scale volunteer project created for Kharkivites and the main distinguishing feature is its incredible atmosphere and free space.

The organizers note that the audience can do far more than just listen to Kharkiv’s best musicians but also learn about the history of music, take part in musical jams and dance lessons, listen to the acoustics of the Catholic cathedral, march with a military band or just cycle around the concerts during the day.


Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Vasyl Holosny, Nakipelo