Culture News Society, 31/10/2016

Tapestry of Modern Art Travelled to Yermilov Centre

Last week “Kylym. Modern Ukrainian Artists” project started in Kharkiv Yermilov Centre and it will last till 18 November.

‘Kylym’ means ‘carpet’ or ‘tapestry’ and the idea of the project is to unite the traditional and contemporary art, to actualize ethnic culture and to present additional national sense of actual art, explains one of two co-curators Igor Abramovych.

The project presents paintings, sculptures, installation and video art by 20 artists from different regions of Ukraine. Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa residents, and already famous Kharkiv masters Roman Minin, Artem Volokitin, Darya Koltsova and Oleksiy Yalovega show their vision of traditional art in the modern world.

It is interesting that the project started on April 8 in the Carpathian mountains, in Tatariv village, Ivano-Frankivsk region, where Zenko Foundation art space, the project’s initiator, is located. Then the exhibition traveled to Lviv, which is considered to be the western capital of Ukraine, and now Kharkiv in the east is the third and final place for hosting it.

“One of the features of the project is that it was originally conceived as a journey, because its objective is not only to show and unite art from different regions of the country, but to reach the audience in different regions”,- says another project co-curator Alexander Soloviev highlighting that Kharkiv artists are “very powerful”.

The exhibition in Kharkiv is not only the final chord of the first national project by Zenko Foundation, but it is also the finale of the cultural forum “BorderKult: GalіtsіyaKult”.

The project initiator Zenko Aftanaziv is sure that the modern art should become wide spread and get beyond the capital’s limits.