Business News Society, 19/05/2017

Tax Police Stopped Shadow Economy Scheme

An interregional conversion center with a total turnover of over UAH 80 million (about $3 m) was shut down by the tax police in the Kharkiv region.

According to the first Deputy Head of the State Fiscal Service in Kharkiv region Andriy Byezhanov, the police revealed a group of people who provided illegal services to some enterprises, mainly to the grain traders, by transferring their funds from non-cash into cash form, evading paying taxes.

“Eight such companies were formed in 2016-2017; more than UAH 80 m were drawn into the shadow turnover. The preliminary estimates show that the budget lost about UAH 13.3 m of VAT only”, says Andriy Byezhanov.

During the termination of the illegal center, the tax police carried out searches in the offices, elevators and in the cars used by the companies. Some computers, mobile phones, and accounting documents were withdrawn. During the investigation procedures, cash and agricultural products were found, which value amounted to UAH 10.5 m ($400,000).

Currently, the investigation is in progress.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: SFS