Culture News Society, 07/09/2017

Testing Urban Space for Culture Inclusivity

In just three days from 11 to 16 September, the “Inclusion” festival will be held for the second time in Kharkiv. This year it is testing the accessibility of local museums and discovering barrier-free culture.

The organizers from the Civic Alternative Kharkiv regional organization inform that the idea to discuss and promote inclusivity in culture appeared at the last year’s festival.

The team carried out the online survey in early summer asking more than 500 residents of the city on how often they go to museums, where they get information, whether they visit the exhibitions with their children and what additional services they need there. The survey results will be presented at the fest opening on September 11.

During the festival week, the experts from Ukraine, Poland and Belarus will deliver seven lectures and workshops in Kharkiv universities and museums. Also, the famous writer Oleksandr Irvanets will tell about his interactions with people with disabilities during writing the script of “The Guide” movie in which blind actors featured.

Within the festival, a tour for the blind people will be arranged by local activists in the downtown area.

Also, the “Test drive of culture accessibility” quest and the “Arkhіprostіr” presentation of inclusive initiatives of the city are expected during the Seventh Scientific Picnics later on.

“Inclusivity in culture can be a good tool to make culture closer and clearer to people.  We’d like to prove that accessible and interesting museums are the key to the society development,” festival coordinator Mariya Yasenovska states.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Inclusion Fest