News, 02/04/2018

Thaw Catches Kharkiv Region Unawares

Since April 1, the long-awaited spring warmth has come to the Kharkiv region. However, melting of huge amounts of snow caused several accidents and showed the weakest links in the chain of public utilities.

Several yards of the private houses were flooded in the Novobavarskyi district of Kharkiv as a result of the thaw and damaged drainage system. The rescuers pumped the water out with floating motorized pump to protect the buildings.

A large-scale accident occurred in Lozova town, located 148 km from Kharkiv, where the water reservoir collapsed due to landslides. As a result, 190 houses and about 35,000 people were left without water in Lozova and the nearest village of Domakha. Some agricultural enterprises, municipal services and three rescue units from Lozova, Pervomaiskyi and Blyzniuky, the Kharkiv region, are currently supplying the local residents with water.

The emergency was caused by the old pipes of the Southern reservoir, which were ruined completely, and massive slides of wet earth. Today, a truck sank into the ground while performing repair works on the reservoir in Lozova.

In the morning, 398,000 UAH (about $14,000) was allocated to purchase a sewer pipe for the reservoir and to repair the damaged sections of the pipes. Currently, emergency repairs of water disposal system are performed, although the officials do not specify when the water supply is to be fixed.

Also, a number of roads in Kharkiv and its region have been flooded and turned into “rivers” because of rapid snowmelt.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine,, SQ