Business News Society, 24/04/2018

The ‘4th Block’ Hackathon Turns Idea into Action

On April 22, the projects, developed during the “4th Block” Hackathon, were presented to the international jury at Kharkiv School of Architecture.

For 36 hours since April 21, the inventors and designers of ten teams had been developing new products to make Kharkiv a more comfortable city to live in.

“I saw a similar event in the Netherlands a year ago and I thought this could be implemented in Kharkiv as well because we have a lot of IT specialists and artists here,” explains the initiator and co-organizer of the Hackathon Ilia Pavlov, GRAFPROM studio. The process of preparing the Hackathon, inviting the designers and developing the competition terms and tasks, took about six months with the support of DataArt and Gwara Media companies.

“Eventually, the competition results embodied the most ambitious expectations,” the organizers claim. The projects which combined digital and conventional solutions got the highest points from the expert jury that included designers, IT developers, journalists and activists from Mexico and Ukraine.

The Grand Prix of the Triennial was given to the Braille Object Maps that indicate the accessible infrastructure to the visually impaired. “Tochka” developers team believe their product can be used all over Ukraine shortly.

Three other winners presented a game, showing the city places which need cleaning, the network of smart traffic lights, “Yasna Rich” charity shopping and partners network.

Ilia Pavlov specifies that presenting innovative eco-products and brands were not the only and major result of the Hackathon, but it was the opportunity for the designers to meet and share the ideas that matter. Also, the event initiator is happy to have seen a lot of visitors who got interested in the competition which was open to everyone. “I hope this Hackathon has brought the incentive both to the participants and viewers to develop their creativity and to improve the city space,” says Ilia Pavlov.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Iryna Babenko