News Politics, 07/08/2017

The Court Seizes Kharkiv MP’s Property

Pechersk District Court of Kyiv satisfied the request of the Prosecutor General’s office and seized assets of Member of Parliament Mykhailo Dobkin.

The pre-trial investigation found that Dobkin acted on a preliminary agreement with a group of people. According to a prosecution, Dobkin, abusing his official position and serving the interests of third parties, fraudulently contributed to the illegal appropriation of 77.78 hectares of land in Kharkiv, causing damage of UAH 227 million (approximately $8.7 million).

At the court session, the investigator noted that the article of the Criminal Code imputed upon the MP involves punishment with confiscation of property.

In particular, two cars, two houses, land lot and wine cellar of the deputy were seized.

Later on 112 Ukraine TV channel Dobkin noted he had never seen the corresponding court decision and had learned about it from the media.

“I can’t say anything. Neither my lawyers nor I saw the court’s decisions. There was no summon issued, no one notified us. I could only learn from the media what the decision was,” he said.

Earlier, Kharkiv Observer reported that the members of Opposition Block Party raised UAH 50 million (a bit less than $2 million) in cash to bail Dobkin out.

Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova

Photo: Slovo i dilo