Culture News Politics, 07/10/2017

The Danish Days 2017 Kick off in Kharkiv

On October 6, the Ambassador of Denmark to Ukraine Ruben Madsen introduced the Danish Days at the opening press conference. During the following week, all Kharkivites and guests will have an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the Danish culture, its traditions, and values, as well as take part in a range of interactive events. 

“We do care of Ukraine,” stated Mr. Madsen. “Openness, transparency, and trust are among our values,” he also added, expressing his hope that these values will root in Ukrainian society. With these words, the Danish Days were declared open.

“When I was going to travel to Ukraine I was expecting to see many shadows, left by the Soviet Union, but now I am positively surprised because I do not see them,” declared the ambassador. “Ukrainian people are thinking independently and thus can develop their country successfully.”

It is already the second Danish project in Ukraine; the previous one took place in 2016 in Lviv.  This year the organizers have chosen Kharkiv, as the largest city in Eastern Ukraine with advanced culture and education.

Nowadays Ukraine is experiencing fundamental changes, with its people facing different challenges, many of them living in modern metropolises, and the Danes are keen to share their experiences. Their practices will be useful for Ukrainian cities.

Thus, the Danish Days in Ukraine aim at achieving a better communication and cooperation between two nations.

Text, photo: Maryna Kosenko