Culture News, 08/10/2017

The Exhibition of Modern German Artists Opens in Kharkiv

The exhibition of works by German modern artists who participated in the annual Art Prize of the Nuremberger Nachrichten newspaper contest opened in Yermilov Center. The project is an example of the support and development of the relationship between Kharkiv and Nuremberg as partner cities, as well as the intercultural dialogue between Ukraine and Germany.

The Consul General of Germany in Donetsk, Dnipro office, Wolfgang Messinger and the deputy of Nuremberg City Council Christine Kayser opened the exhibition.

The exhibition presents paintings, installations, and sculptures of 45 authors.

Visitors can see the works of German artist Sid Gastl (first prize-winner of 2017), the sculptor Ignaz Huber (second prize-winner of 2017), Günter Paule and Jens Wallrabe (both got the third prize of 2017), laureates and other contestants.

“It is symbolic that 25 years ago we started cooperating in the field of culture, and today we are launching a joint cultural project again. We are sure that in the future our artists will also present their exposition in Nuremberg,” Kharkiv authorities’ representative said.

The exposition will work until November 6.


Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photo: Kharkiv City Council