News, 11/11/2017

The First Tactile Icon for Blind Parishioners

The first in Ukraine tactile image of Ozerianska icon was sanctified in Kharkiv Holy Protection Monastery. Now the sightless parishioners can ask for divine healing through the touch.

The icon has a relief copper base. It can be touched by hands, which is important for people with disabilities.

“They have reached the maximum effect because the lines are very clear, I can feel it with my fingers. I think this icon will help not only the blind but also all people,” said the visionless parishioner Ihor Shramko.

Ozerianska icon is considered the patron and the main shrine of Kharkiv region. It is believed that the icon was painted in the 17th century and was destroyed in 1930. The true image of the icon was revived only in 2010.

Also, Kharkiv eparchy created tactile albums with images of the temple and vestments of the priests. On Monday will be a commentary liturgy for blind people. All the actions of the priest will be described, so that the unseeing parishioners can fully participate in the liturgy.

“It’s our job to help people with disabilities to find a spiritual support, to feel God’s affection and support in touching in such an unusual icons. We want that these people to be not passive listeners but active participants in church life,” said Bishop Yevhen.

Text: Iryna Klymenko