Business News, 11/08/2017

The Government Approves the Construction of Waste Recycling Plant

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a project of a waste recycling plant’s construction in Derhachi town of Kharkiv region at the meeting on August 9.

The order of the Cabinet appeared on the Government portal.

The document notes that the recycling plant construction will “significantly improve the sanitary and epidemiological situation in Kharkiv city, Derhachi, the Kharkiv and Zolochivsky districts, as well as the territory adjacent to the existing waste disposal area (Derhachi solid waste landfill).”

The multifunctional complex to be built in two stages in two and half years. The total area of the waste recycling plant will be more than 39 hectares. It will collect the landfill gas, utilize it and generate electricity.

A construction of a sorting line is in the plans as well. It will be able to process 40,000 tons of a separately collected waste and 80,000 tons of mixed waste per year.

The total estimated cost of construction is UAH 1.364 billion ($53 million).

The waste recycling plant’s project with a system for collecting, utilizing landfill gas and generating electricity was presented on February.

Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova