News Society, 12/08/2017

The Only Dachshund Lifesaver in Ukraine from Kharkiv

Nine-year-old dachshund rescuer Chris serves in the training center of the operational and rescue service at civil defense of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region. This year at the international contest for rescue dogs, Chris became the only dog, which found all the victims of the technogenic catastrophe.

Chris has been working as a rescuer for four years. The dog is an expert in searching people under the blockage of demolished buildings, but the dachshund can also work outside. The last time he was involved in the search for an elderly man in the forest.

Usually, service dogs are sheepdogs or labradors, as they are easily amenable to training. Dachshunds are hampered by a small size and a specific character, but Chris is an exception to the rules. The unique dachshund wins dozens of competitions among service dogs. Last year Chris was the only rescue dog of State Emergency Service, which represented Ukraine at the international championship in Italy.

“The nickname Chris originates from the name of the Malaysian dagger (kris), which has a wavy blade. And my dog also has a wavy tail. Of course, it is a minor anatomical defect, but it gave us a name. And his full name is Euro-Christian-Fost”, said Serhii Lukhin, Head of the Search and Rescue Department of the training center.

Dogs stop taking part in search and rescue activities by the age of ten. But despite venerable age, Chris is not going to retire. Now the dachshund is getting ready for an international championship for rescue dogs in Austria.

Text: Iryna Klymenko

Pictures: Status Quo