Culture News Society, 14/06/2017

The Show with Maidan Svobody Monument Goes On

Yesterday Kharkiv City council’s executive committee filed a cassation appeal concerning the prominent case of building the monument on Maidan Svobody.

Earlier on March 29, the court satisfied the claim of Kharkiv activists and canceled the city council’s decision on the non-transparent competition for building the monument. The appeal court rejected the city council’s further appeal to uphold their controversial decision on May 10.

Since December 2016, the activists of several Kharkiv NGOs have been trying to protect the central city square from a flashy design, selected by the doubtful tender. They hoped that the mayor’s office would not continue to challenge the court’s decision.

However, it has appeared that the Kharkiv authorities will not give up that soon. So this high-profile case, which has attracted international attention, will now have another session, this time in Kyiv.

“I think the prospects of the city administration’s winning the trial are minor,” the activist and regional council deputy Dmytro Bulakh assumes. “The violations are so gross and obvious that there are no grounds to expect the positive decision for the city administration.”

Currently, Kharkivites are joking in social networks about the city authorities who hopelessly try to protect the results of their back-staged tender, using budget funds. What is more, they are going to install a flashy monument in the central square of Kharkiv. People call the continuous chain of the city officials’ appeals “a comedy series” and the next session “another act of tragicomedy”, mentioning that “the show must go on”.

Meanwhile, the court in Kiev dismissed the chief architect of Kharkiv, Serhiy Chechelnitsky until August 3, 2017. In early June, the General prosecutor’s office raised suspicion to two employees of the Kharkiv City Council, one of whom is Chechelnitsky. The architect is suspected in illegally allocating about 25 hectares of the land cost up to 135 million UAH within the ‘cooperative scheme’. He is accused of fraud and abuse of power as well.

Text and photo: Olena Sokolynska

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