News Politics, 23/03/2018

Three Russian Spies Arrested in Kharkiv

March 22, the Security Service of Ukraine with the Prosecutor’s Office exposed and terminated the Russian agents’ network, which had been operating in the Kharkiv region.

Three local agents, suspected of preparing terroristic acts and murders, were arrested yesterday. Today, the preventive measure for two months in prison without the right to apply for bail was assigned to them until the investigation is over.

All three spies are Kharkivites, one of them is a captain of patrol police.

Investigators claim the police officer was enrolled by Russian secret services during anti-Maidan rallies in Kharkiv in spring 2014. Since then he was gathering information about ATO soldiers and civic activists for the Russian handlers.

During the investigation, the Security Service officers proved the connection between the members of the intelligence network and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia and found hard evidence of sending over to Russian handlers the information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including classified and personal data of Ukrainian military volunteers.

The spy-policeman confessed his guilt and started providing the investigators necessary information asking to place him under house arrest during the period of investigation. At the court session, he said that he had a little daughter to be brought up. The decision has not been mitigated though.

Currently, the three suspects are accused of state treason; they will be imprisoned from 10 to 15 years according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine in case their guilt is proven.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo, video: SBU