News Politics, 15/06/2017

Road Police Replaces Old Inspection

This week the newly created traffic patrol police started to work instead of obsolete DAI (state traffic inspection) which had been closed down.

In the Kharkiv region, three patrols with two patrolmen in each crew went out on duty on the Kyiv highway section from Kharkiv to Chutovo since June 12.

Totally 30 police units patrol the highways of international and state level in Ukraine, on average, every thirty kilometers of the road have one crew of policemen.The traffic patrols are monitoring the situation on the roads and public safety around the clock.

The personnel was not recruited specially for the road police, those are the regular police patrol officers, who periodically work as the traffic patrol officers. “Therefore the corruption is eliminated as there are no permanent inspectors on the same spots who would make up a bribery scheme”, claims the speaker of the Kharkiv patrol police Karina Kurbanova.

The main concern of the road police is drivers’ safety, reducing the accidents rate and helping citizens. In addition to monitoring the traffic rules obeying by drivers, the police will respond to citizens’ reports of accidents or crimes on a particular section of the road.

This is a new form of traffic patrol for Ukrainians who used to bump into old traffic inspectors all of a sudden as those hid in the road bushes in anticipation of dashing drivers and extorting fines and bribes. The new road police are not supposed to stop the vehicles unless the traffic rules are violated or a vehicle has any visible defects.

Later on, the road stations will be arranged on the highways at the past stationary posts of the traffic inspection. The rescuers, doctors and road workers will be found there in addition to the police.


Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Insidernews