News, 14/12/2017

Judging Kharkiv Tragedy: Suspects Remain Under Arrest

On December 13, another session of Kyivskyi District Court of Kharkiv was held to decide on a preventive measure towards two drivers, who were involved in the fatal road accident in the city center on October 18.

After the crash of Lexus, driven by Zaitseva, and Dronov’s Volkswagen Touareg, which collided with the Lexus on Sumska Street and Mechnikov Lane intersection, the first car literally rammed into a group of pedestrians. They were standing on the sidewalk, waiting for the green traffic light. Five people died on the spot, the sixth victim died in the hospital later. The horrible accident aroused all Ukraine and attracted a lot of public attention to the legal prosecution against the drivers.

At the court, the main suspect, 20-year-old Olena Zaitseva, pleaded guilty, expressed her deep remorse, asked to forgive her misdeed and promised not to ever drive again in her life. The 49-year-old Hennadiy Dronov announced he felt too bad to stay in prison any longer and fainted in the courtroom.


However, the victims’ families did not believe Zaitseva’s repentance was sincere and asked to punish her with the full force of the law for the murder.

The investigator supposed that Dronov might be feigning sickness.

Finally, both suspects were left under arrest for 60 further days until February 10, 2018, without an opportunity of a bail. By that time, the investigation should have been completed.

Text: Olena Sokolynska