Business News Politics Society, 31/01/2017

Two Tax Officers Arrested for Racketeering

In Kharkiv two tax inspection servants have been charged with extorting a bribe from a local business.

According to the prosecutor’s office, a 40-year-old head of one of Kharkiv regional tax inspections and his subordinate are accused of extorting 20 thousand hryvnias (appr. 700 US dollars) from one of the local entrepreneurs granting his company exemption from their inspection instead.

Last week, employees of the SBU and the Prosecutor’s Office detained the suspect tax office employee red-handed during her receiving the bribe.

In the course of the investigation, it was discovered that the tax inspector had been ordered by her boss to “negotiate” with the businessman the issue of paying for audit cancellation.

The names of tax officers have not been revealed.

Today the chief tax inspector and his subordinate have been declared suspects of “receiving a bribe of large amount” according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The District Court has chosen house arrest for the both suspects as a measure of restraint. They are also dismissed from their positions. If the employees are found guilty they would go to prison for up to 10 years.